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Establish Arsiak as a women’s empowerment figure and top Chicago realtor to leverage her platform for authentic connection and conversation between women of all industries, ages and points in life, attract more target clients and expand brand awareness. A specific piece of feedback Arsiak has received in the past is that she is intimidating online; a notion that is not at all aligned with her real life personality.


A unique and comprehensive branding and visual refresh, complete with a crystal clear brand identity, tactical video series, PR, Instagram strategy and fresh, new website build. In this way, we are also reframing her online presence to be more approachable, warm and welcoming.





Visual branding

Created a new logo and refreshed visual branding across web, social media, and YouTube.

Website redesign in progress.

PR + THought leadership

Featured on: Lux & Concord

Appeared on:From Self-Care to Self-Made

Social Media

Doubled average engagement.

With clear messaging, updated brand identity and reputation, Arsiak say a significant increase in authentic conversations happening in her Instagram comments, direct messages and in real life, asking for more content and perspective. Moreover, Arsiak has been approached by female Instagram influencers and thought leaders in the Chicagoland community.

Business Wins

Was approached by top realtor in Chicago to collaborate on luxury living business.


Strategized, directed, and organized an original video series, titled Smart is The New Sexy, that positions Arsiak as a true woman for women. Via thorough vetting, we researched and pitched female Chicago leaders and disruptors to feature as guests in the series. All guests accepted the pitch, which led to flawless execution and coordination of the video series, leaning on strategic outlines to guide Arsiak’s conversation and continue to emphasize her core message. The partnerships fostered through the video series boosted social engagement and launched business deals and collaborations. The episodes were highlighted in Arsiak’s rebranded newsletters and Instagram content. We are confident to say that Smart Is The New Sexy has became an extension of Arsiak’s reputation.

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