What the F*ck is a Personal Brand? Find the Answer on Simply Be. TV.


At Simply Be., we talk about personal branding all day, every day, but WTF does that even mean?

Is it your style? Your spirit? Your job? The food you eat? The city where you live? Is it how you act at work, how you portray yourself on social media, or what you do when no one’s watching

Answer: it’s all of the above fused into one cohesive message about who you are and what you have to offer. Your brand is the tool that enables you to tell your story to the world—and have people actually listen.

Still wondering how? You’re not alone. It seems a lot of people are confused about what personal branding is and what makes it a key driver of business success. A personal brand is something everyone needs, but few know how to get.

Well the (what the) f*ck stops here.

Introducing Simply Be. TV, a weekly web series setting the record straight about what personal branding is and why, when done correctly it’s the only marketing tool you’ll ever need.

Starting October 10th, tune in every week to hear from brilliant entrepreneurs, top influencers, and the personal branding experts at Simply Be. Agency discussing how cultivating a strong personal brand made them magnets for more exposure, more opportunities, and more revenue, skyrocketing them and their businesses to success.

And by the way, you’ll learn how YOU can too.

(You’re welcome.)