These 5 Skincare Geniuses Will Help Your Personal Brand GLOW


It’s my fifth week at Simply Be., and so far, my favorite part of the job is coming to work every day knowing I can show up as my true, authentic self. This often means I roll into the office without a drop of makeup on my face—a first in my career. Our team constantly preaches, “love the skin you’re in,” and since working in such a positive, supportive environment, this has never resonated with me more. But that doesn’t mean I always practice what I preach. To make it a little easier, I work hard to cultivate great skin so those no-makeup days aren’t quite as intimidating.

As thrilled as I am to be working in an office with windows again (don’t ask), hiding from the sun has become part of my daily routine. I’m the type to keep sunscreen in my desk drawer and reapply every couple of hours. The reason? Investing in my skin has become part of my personal brand. Clear, glowing skin gives me the confidence to show up as my authentic self and move through my day (and life) like the #bossbabe I am.

So come to the light.

If you think skincare is just a passing trend, please. Glow up. It’s never too late to start treating your skin the way it deserves. The good news is there’s an abundance of experts, blogs and brands out there all vying for your pores’ attention. The bad news is, this makes it tricky to figure out who to follow and what what to believe.

This is where a kickass personal brand comes in. When it comes to skincare, I seek out those who have found success organically, through their knowledge of the industry and commitment to always being authentically themselves. These five skincare authorities have cultivated loyal followings thanks to their strong personal brands. Each of them live their message, actually use the products they feature, and of course, have amazing skin.

Let’s get #lit (from within).


The Perfect Ten: The Klog

I’m obsessed with Charlotte Cho, founder of Soko Glam and curator of The Klog. Her name has become synonymous with chok chok, the Korean term for flawless, dewy skin—talk about personal brand #goals. Cho is credited with introducing the Western world to Korean skincare, and I liken her 10-step daily skincare routine to the ten commandments. If 10 steps sound excessive to you, don’t get your makeup wipes in a bunch. It’s not about the number of commandments—er, steps—you follow. Through Q&As, diagrams, charts and testimonials, The Klog will help you figure out what products your skin is really craving and curate a routine that works for you. Thou shalt double cleanse.

The More You Glow: Keep Cho’s secrets on hand. The Little Book of Korean Skincare will change your life. Or at least the size of your pores.

The No-Brainer: Into the Gloss

Emily Weiss, founder and CEO of Glossier, has one of the most powerful personal brands of our generation. Her brainchild, Into the Gloss, is my go-to for the latest skincare developments, tips, and products. From the five cardinal rules of SPF, to a comprehensive list of every ingredient that helps fight acne, to a sneak peek into Serena Williams’ bathroom shelves, ITG has something for everyone hungry to learn more about best-in-class care for thirsty skin.

The More You Glow: You’ll enjoy ITG’s writers’ sense of humor, which is as dry as their cheeks are dewy.


The Revolutionary: Nyma Tang

Technically speaking, Nyma’s content centers around makeup, but LOOK AT HER SKIN. I’ll have what she’s having. Nyma conducts tutorials and tests from her home in Dallas, where she’s making a global name for herself as an ambassador for brands like Estée Lauder and MAC. But her personal brand runs deeper than that. Originally from South Sudan, Nyma is on a mission to make the beauty industry more inclusive by giving a voice to underrepresented women of color. She sheds light on false advertising and reminds us that many well-known makeup and skincare brands don’t cater to deep skin tones—even when they claim they do. She has been transformative in the movement of women demanding more products that accurately reflect the world we live in, and holds a notoriously discriminatory industry accountable for making a change. Finally.

The More You Glow: Make sure you check out Nyma’s YouTube series, “The Darkest Shade” where she puts famous brands’ darkest shades of foundation and concealer to the test to see if they actually work on deep skin tones.

The Trusted Authority: Leah Chavie

Just last week I had the pleasure of meeting lovely Leah, the founder and face of Chicago-based spa and boutique, Leah Chavie Skincare. And in only an hour she dropped what felt like a semester’s worth of knowledge on me. With 29 years of experience in the beauty industry, to call Leah a skincare expert is an understatement. She is THE leading authority for women and men looking to age naturally, gracefully, and simply, and whether you’re in your 20s or 60s, I guarantee you have something to learn from her.

The More You Glow: What truly differentiates LC’s personal brand is her unapologetically real approach to skincare. She stays away from chemicals, and never promotes a product that she doesn’t love herself.

The Real Deal: Beauty And Beleza

Marketing expert (and coincidentally one of my best friends), Marina Braga, is kicking ass and taking names with her bilingual beauty blog, Beauty and Beleza. “Beleza,” or “beauty” in Portuguese, couldn’t be a more fitting description for Marina’s authentic, thoughtfully delivered, pastel-hued personal brand. She reviews a diverse mix of high-end and drugstore masks, serums, mists, and more—and to top it off, she reviews everything in Portuguese and English. OK, overachiever. Marina is just starting to infiltrate the beauty game, but her unique expertise and thoroughness are going to propel her straight to the top. I’ll be carefully following her journey and you should too.

The More You Glow: Don’t miss Marina’s weekly Instagram stories and make sure to catch her on IGTV!

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