Personal Branding with Clarity: A Framework


We all have one common enemy online:


It infiltrates our work, our time, and our thoughts, making it nearly impossible to figure out if what we’re putting out there is adding value, or just adding to the noise. This is where a strong personal brand with a clear message comes in. The great news is, you don’t have to be Gary V. to have one. In fact, anyone can achieve a strong personal brand as long as you have CLARITY.

It starts with the Hologram. Whenever, wherever, and however your personal brand shows up in the world, your Hologram is here to light the way.

Clarity comes from simplicity. Start with your content buckets. Talk about 20 topics and you’re not credible. Talk about just one, and you’ll be boring. Choose four. These four topics are unique to you and give you the focus you need to shine online. It’s the strongest way to convey your message. These four topics should be ones you could talk about all day, every day. They’re what you’re most passionate about. They’re you. Having this focus makes you an informed, well-rounded expert in whatever you want to be known for.

So, speaking of Gary V., let’s take a look at his Hologram.

Gary V. IS social media. He has been in this world since before it started. But what differentiates him from the other million social media experts today, is he invests in innovation, identifies trends, and makes social media the number one place to connect.

But remember, you have to be well-rounded to reach the masses. Gary V. isn’t ONLY the social media guy, he’s also an entrepreneur and an immigrant.

So why does his brand really resonate? He also allows himself to be vulnerable. He’s human. His family comes first. You should always have at least one content bucket where you can bring your humanity to the forefront. This is what truly connects your audience to you.

All that said, you’re not going to be Gary V. But you shouldn’t want to be. Your brand is uniquely you, so find out what makes you tick by creating your Hologram.

Then own it.

Simply Be. TVJessica Zweig