Turning Your Personal Brand Into a Business: A Few Tips


Jessica Zweig and Dr. Julius W. Few, two self-made entrepreneurs, sit down for a quick chat on how they’ve turned their personal brands into successful standalone businesses—it’s just another day on SimplyBe. TV!

This week, #bossbabe Jessica interviews her old friend, Dr. Julius Few, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of the Chicago-based Few Institute. Dr. Few prides himself on not just talking the talk, but walking the walk—and you know his word runs deeper than face value, as faces ARE his business. An extension of Dr. Few’s personal brand, the Few Institute has found immense success by proving that plastic surgery doesn’t have to be extreme. Dr. Few is known for his precise technique and has cultivated a large client base loyal not only to the man himself, but to the Few brand as a whole.

Of course, he didn’t achieve success overnight. So how did he elevate his personal brand and scale his business to where it is today? It’s all about relationships, including the one with yourself.

You might want to take notes.

  1. Embrace being your own brand, and strive to make it a reflection of the best version of yourself. (1:06)

  2. In order to scale, you need people who value authenticity (and can smell a phony a mile away). Surround yourself with stimulating people. Not only those who are bright, thoughtful, and curious, but those who are also looking to grow, evolve, and feel part of something bigger. (4:18)

  3. Pick opportunities that you’re actually going to enjoy. You know you’ve made it when you have to turn down work. We call this “the burden of opportunity,” and it’s definitely where you want to be. To lighten the load, Dr. Few suggests saying no almost as much as you say yes. (8:35)

Above all, Dr. Few says to let joy be your guide. No matter where you are in your career, you have the opportunity to follow your joy. We guarantee this will help you grow your business. Make joy your north star and see where that takes you.

You can learn more about Dr. Few at www.fewinstitute.com and at www.fewinitiative.org, Dr. Few’s nonprofit focused on empowering at-risk youth to give back to their communities.

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