Episode Four: How to Create A Personal Brand That’s Authentic AF


This week on SimplyBe. TV, shit’s getting real.

Communications Manager, Pooja Shah sat down with Jacq Gould, mentality coach, self-worth enthusiast, and founder of Your Inner Babe to discover what true authenticity looks like, and how you can turn your personal brand into a powerful business.

Jacq built Your Inner Babe to help young women struggling with the same issues surrounding body image and self-worth that she faced throughout high school and college. She credits her success, and huge loyal Instagram following to always showing up as herself. Your Inner Babe is more than just a business and a brand, it is HER.

According to Jacq, you don’t have to be perfect to inspire people. Being authentic means OWNING your imperfections. And trust us, Jacq is authentic AF. She lives and breathes her brand in everything she does, says and wears. She shows up as herself in front of her clients, her followers, her friends, and family, living boldly, truly and unapologetically.

So how can you follow in her footsteps?

  1. Prioritize yourself. (4:37)

  2. Help yourself before trying to help others. (4:45)

  3. Stop focusing on the how’s and get out there and DO IT. (4:56)

  4. Foster real connections with your audience. (8:31)

  5. Know your worth. (12:50)

This is how to make your brand come to life.

Your personal brand, and living it out authentically, has the power to turn you and your passions into a far-reaching business. Know what you’re about, and commit to the value you want to add: you’ll have the power to change your corner of the world.

For more tips on how to build your personal brand, monetize your passion, and make a career out of simply being YOU, make sure to tune into next week’s episode and subscribe to SimplyBe. TV!

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