6 People Who Have Amazing Personal Brand Signature Style

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I was recently listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast interview with RuPaul. They were discussing God, image, and of course, drag. At one point in the conversation, RuPaul causally posed the question:

“If you have control over how people interpret you, why not use it?"

It sent chills down my spine in the best way. Taking this so-called “control” should not intimidate you, make you feel guilty or self-obsessed.

It should be empowering.

Let’s face it: looks matter. Not because we’re superficial or shallow people. But because we’re visual creatures. That’s why defining your Signature Style is essential if you are in the business of building your personal brand.

I am not suggesting you have to run out to Barney's and shop the latest designer trends. Quite the opposite, actually. Your signature style should be just that: signature to you. It should stem from your own authentic truth. What you’re most comfortable in. What makes you feel your most YOU. And chances are, it’s something you’re already wearing, rocking, and adorning.

Wearing a consistent look makes you memorable. It subconsciously tells a story. Wear it enough, and people will begin to remember you with more clarity and associate you with that subsconscious narrative. For example, I wear bright lipstick practically every day. I started wearing it because it made me feel happy, more confident, and more feminine.

Take a look at your appearance and know that it does NOT make you vain or superficial if you leverage it. It makes you relevant. Memorable. Powerful. Admirable. Awesome.

So, let’s take a look at 6 other incredible people in the world who have mastered THEIR own killer personal brand Signature Style for inspiration.


1.  Silvanna Favaretto and the Tulle Skirt

It’s hard to miss Silvana Favaretto. Without a doubt, the Brazilian bombshell is never without her full and flowing tulle skirt. What started out as a social media experiment to celebrate her femininity by wearing a tulle skirt 100 days in a row, Silvanna evolved this passion into a full blown retail business and brand, The Tulle Project. This single item of clothing has impacted hundreds upon thousands of women of all ages across Chicago and beyond. The message: you can be pretty AND strong. It’s one of the most unapologetically authentic signature styles I have ever seen. Bravo, Silvanna.




Jaye, AKA Curvatude, is one of my favorite influencers on Instagram. She’s a beacon for positive body image and her collection of bold, colorful, city style is beyond aspirational. Her message is “Living OUT LOUD” and she embodies that in her messaging as much as her clothes. What I love most about her brand is that she’s genuine. She's responsive to tweets, generous with complimenting OTHERS, and makes it a point to come out and support other women. Jaye is proof that it’s not the clothes that define you, but the energy and spirit you bring to the way you dress that really leaves that signature statement.




I met this soul-sister of mine at A-Fest Jamaica and instantly fell in love with her and her badass vibe. Alexa is a professional sex expert, host of the Violet Butterfly podcast, and the founder of The Kaleidoscope, a private group on Facebook reaching close to 3,000 people that openly covers the topic of progressive sexuality. It’s clear from Alexa’s branding that she loves the color purple. Just take a look. Which is why I LOVE her choice in rocking her BRIGHT purple lips whenever I see her.  Sexy. Confident. Bold. Unforgettable. Just like Alexa.                                                                                                                                                            




Full transparency: I LOVE Derek Halpern. So much so that I joined his 6-month mastermind this year and dropped the amount of college tuition just to learn directly from him. When I flew to NYC for my first one-on-one coaching session with him, I was shocked to see him rocking a pair of silver, sparkling Gucci tennis shoes. Not at all what I was expecting. (If you know his online brand at all, you’d be surprised by this, too.)  When I commented on them, he joked: “I like to wear sparkly shoes because it detracts people from looking at my face.” I was even more surprised to learn he owns over ten pairs. That’s the thing about Signature Style: it helps you be memorable.




So Paul Octavious is pretty major. I have admired him and his epic photography work for YEARS. When I’m not drooling over his art, I’m crushing on his own personal style. Namely his statement spectacles that have become synonymous with his personal brand. I have met him a few times and I am always struck by just how damn SWEET he is. Paul's choice of always-hip-but-totally-subtle glasses take his authentic IT factor to the next level.




I came across Michelle’s brand last year when I was selecting influencers for a Red Bull campaign. I was immediately blown away by her vibe, her style, and most of all, her mission. Brown and Healthy is on a path to change the negative narrative surrounding health and wellness of people of color and ultimately promoting and facilitating the mental, physical, emotional growth, and wellness among African American and Latino Communities. The fact that she rocks a gorgeous nose ring just adds to her badassery, and is proof that anyone can change the world and do it her own way.

I hope by now you understand the power of developing your own personal brand Signature Style. If you’re interested in diving deeper into what yours might be, how you can make it work for you, and how to develop a holistic personal brand that expands all parts of who you are to live more of what you love, then join me March 9 for my 1-Day Personal Branding Workshop. We’ll be covering Signature Style and so much more. There are only 5 spots left, so get yours before it’s gone.

Stay stylish.