Live in Wonder: What it Really Means to #neverstoplearning

Photo: Ryan Basiorka

The SimplyBe. Agency team just got back from Tallinn, Estonia (look it up: more startups per capita than anywhere in the world) where we participated in Mindvalley University. This pop-up university welcomes humans of all ages, backgrounds, interests, and beliefs, but they all possess one common thread: a thirst for knowledge.

An insatiable thirst.

The phrase “never stop learning” has become so trendy. I mean, shit. The hashtag #neverstoplearning has over 638K tags on Instagram. But do we really mean it?

Do we really want to continuously expand our minds and educate ourselves on an ongoing basis? Are we really never going to stop learning?

This week, Jessica Zweig, SimplyBe,’s CEO + Founder, Nora Shepard, SimplyBe.’s Growth Manager, and I lived it. For 10 straight days, we did not stop learning.

And let me tell you, it was incredible.


Our typical day looked something like this:

  • Mindvalley U morning session
  • Lunch somewhere in Old Town Tallinn, while applying what we had just learned to either our business processes or our own personal growth
  • Rushing back for afternoon sessions
  • Running our business from across the globe and checking in with our Chicago office as often as possible given the eight-hour time difference
  • Dinner or an event to meet and connect with changemakers and lightworkers from around the globe

Rinse and repeat for 10 days.

This trip was a case study in what it means to learn and expand your potential. And we indeed expanded both as a company and as individuals. We learned things like how to optimize company culture and find joy in everything, the key to effective public speaking, killer SEO tactics, ways to smash creative blocks, and how incomprehensibly vast this universe is (and how we are all connected).


Mindvalley U is a crash course in the infinite.


Not only did we learn from global thought leaders, but Mindvalley got to learn from the best. Jessica, our Founder + CEO, presented on the Mindvalley stage (and crushed it, duh) and shared the power of what it means to not only be your own brand, but how to use it to make a difference in the world. Yes, branding is important to make money and to keep your lights on, but branding is something so much bigger than that. As Jessica said in her talk:

“Do you want to make millions of dollars? Or do you want to make millions of dollars and leave a legacy?”

My guess is that a lot of people couldn’t give a shit about the legacy part, which is part of what’s wrong with this world (that’s an entirely different blog), but every last person in that room did. Myself included.

So what are you here to change? What are you going to leave behind? What are you going to put your name on? How are you going to leave this earth better than how you found it?

If you really want to leave a legacy, you’ve got to share: share your value, share your knowledge, share your unique skills, and your unique story. Don’t just go through the motions, clock in and out, and collect a soul-less paycheck. Really BE about something. And then you’ve got to give it to the world.

If we truly never stopped learning (and never stop being open to learning), think of what an expansive, open-minded and beautiful world this would be. Our team was fortunate enough to get a peek of what that world actually looks like, and I, for one, am going to try a hell of a lot harder to get us there.

Thank you to Jessica for this next-level, once in a lifetime experience (this is just the first taste of what we can do and what we can manifest).

Thank you to the Mindvalley team for cultivating such a rich and extraordinary community.

And thank you to that community, the Tribe, for welcoming me into your world and showing me that love and inclusivity are very much alive.

I will forever Live in Wonder.