The Travel Brands You Should Be Following on Each Social Media Channel


A great travel brand can be described in three simple words: welcoming, enticing, and inspiring.

Whether we’re booking a weekend getaway or flying across oceans to experience the adventure of a lifetime, we look to travel brands to provide sneak peeks of what awaits, can’t-pass-up deals, and best of all, jaw-dropping imagery and alluring stories that feed our passions to get up and go.

It can be difficult for a travel brand to refine and elevate their message of wanderlust and global service across every single social media platform. We’ve scoured all the platforms for you, to find the brands that are doing the best of the best on each channel. We bet you’ll find some inspiration for what to look out for when planning your next destination!


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Follow: Soho House

Soho House gets what sells on Instagram; a grid that embodies the brand persona. In this case, flat whites, intricate furnishings, and photography that speaks to luxury, relaxation, and exclusivity. As an image-based app, Instagram is perhaps the channel most optimized for travel brands, but Soho House’s cohesive branding, across feed and stories takes the cake. Their followers hit like for drinks-by-the-pool vacation shots, but they hit follow to stay loyal to the lifestyle that is Soho House’s personal brand: glittering pools, delicious food, trendy spaces, the best service, and more...just one booking away.


Follow: Lonely Planet

Pinterest goes beyond the basics of #wanderlust. While it uses aesthetics in the same way as Instagram, it provides users with access to articles and resources to turn their afternoon daydreams into reality.

Lonely Planet maximized on this unique combination of features to create a powerful Pinterest brand. With multiple boards, layouts, and informative graphics, Lonely Planet showcases their expertise in curating travel guides. The brand taps into Pinterest’s highly engaged audience (who average two million travel-related saves taking place on the platform each day!!) by encouraging public contributions. Their travel boards also continue to stay relevant with inclusions from bloggers and professional photographers.

Mark our words, you’ll start your search deep diving into the Pacific oceans and emerge with a 24-hour itinerary of museums in Andalusia!


Follow: KLM

We love KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for capitalizing their presence on LinkedIn from day one. Back in 2014, KLM airlines was one of the first brands to offer a 24/7 service via LinkedIn, allowing users to contact the brand via the social platform. They have remained consistent with blog publications and post updates, aiming to push their followers to their website and position themselves as an expert voice on the aviation and travel industry.

KLM displays how their expertise can help serve their audience, not only via bookings, but through thought leadership in the travel and aviation space. With LinkedIn videos gaining popularity (and power), we hope to see KLM further engage with this trend and take their brand to the next level.


Follow: Aer Lingus, @aerlingus

So, we’ve heard about the “Is Snapchat dead?” conversation due to their strange series of updates recently and IG stories’ subsequent take over, but we know you’ve still got at least three streaks going that keep you opening the app everyday.

Aer Lingus knows this too, which is why they’ve taken advantage of a space that’s mostly limited to poorly lit selfies and a few go-to face filters. By embracing Snapchat’s raw, less than perfect aesthetic, Aer Lingus has created a travel brand that is humanized and uniquely relatable. Aer Lingus’s behind-the-scenes footage shows the brand’s spontaneous and fun persona, setting them apart from other companies and competitors (think Delta Airlines on Twitter). Their authentic presence makes their content, like these special announcements, all the more powerful, fostering a lighthearted and connected community.



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures! According to research, 50 percent of travelers use online video before they book a holiday, mainly for decision-making purposes. Because honestly, WHO books a ziplining trip without watching AT LEAST five people make it through the forest without dying?! has kept those live-streamers and video fanatics close to their hearts by populating a YouTube channel with playlists and informative destination guides. They are the publishers, not the advertisers. We love the quality of their footage and the stories they are able to tell through heart-warming, special moments. With over one million transactions every day,’s customer base is huge, yet these videos speak to’s awareness of how personal every single trip can be.

To be honest, we’re surprised that more companies haven’t hopped on this bandwagon, because it’s one that truly sells and shows off’s creative chops.