Your Key to Wellness Starts Here. 5 Pros to Get You There.



This word is everywhere, but the definition remains elusive. It’s not surprising wellness means different things to different people; we all have unique needs to better our health, and for that matter, prefer different ways of achieving those needs. But no matter your goal, whether you’re serious about using that gym membership you opened back in 2012, or want to finally try meditating, we’ve selected some of the best wellness brands to check out (and liven up your insta feed).


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Mindbodygreen is a great place to start — it’s the go-to website for everything wellness-related. They have expert takes on mindfulness, health, nutrition, and movement, as well as online classes and training programs, and even a podcast! Mindbodygreen focuses on holistic wellness, so their blog is all-encompassing and everything is backed by experts.



If you’re looking for a way to workout more but don’t love the thought of throwing weights around at a gym, Blogilates is for you. Cassey Ho created POP Pilates nearly a decade ago, and Blogilates is now the most watched female fitness channel on YouTube. Cassey’s videos are a favorite because they pair pilates moves you can do at home with your favorite pop music. On her blog, Cassey balances positivity with realness and talks about body positivity, staying motivated, and following your dreams.

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Jessamyn Stanley

You probably already recognize Jessamyn as the founder of Yoga for All Bodies. Jessamyn realizes that yoga can be exclusive to bigger bodies and women of color and works to spread the body positivity (or liberation as she calls it) movement to yoga classes. Jessamyn is an inspiration to women of all shapes and sizes who want to love their bodies and love themselves, especially after others have told them not to.

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The Balanced Blonde

Jordan Younger is all about holistic wellness, exercise (particularly yoga!), healthy eating (and how that looks different for different people), body acceptance, and travel. Once titled The Blonde Vegan, Jordan has pivoted her brand to reflect her recovery from orthorexia and embrace holistic wellness, which means writing about how our obsession with health and purity isn’t always actually healthy. Jordan knows what it’s like to struggle to find balance and helps readers find their own.


Shine is the perfect app for people who want to focus on their health and wellbeing, but feel like they just can’t find the time, no matter how hard they try. Shine checks in with you every morning with a thought-provoking quick-read about ways to improve wellness in your life, and asks what you’re going to do today to feel good. No inaccessible goals, no impossible mountains to climb, just what you are thankful for and what you are going to do to have a positive attitude TODAY.