Glossier Pink and the Power of Personal Branding IRL


This past weekend, half of the SimplyBe. team took a field trip to the Glossier pop-up shop in Chicago’s West Loop. As a long-time fan of the makeup and skincare company known for its clean, minimalist packaging and products, there was no chance I was going to miss seeing the company’s online offerings and and personal brand aesthetic IRL.

And the pop-up did NOT disappoint. Inside the white facade was an ultra-modern, gallery-like experience. A wall populated with moody photographs of female Chicago influencers and icons contrasted with the space’s white and #iconic Glossier pink. We perused products and mingled with Glossier employees (all dressed in fabulous pink jumpsuits), who offered advice and help with purchases.

The entire experience, despite being jam-packed (there was a line around the block when we left) was incredibly simple and sleek: exactly what you would expect from a brand that’s made “pared-down” part of its tagline. From perfectly paired product clusters: think serums with masks and mascara with “Lidstars,” to clipped applicators to ensure that sample brushes were used at ALL times (yes, I’m a germaphobe) to your final purchase being delivered to you from the depths of the non-sample section in that classic, pink bubble-wrap bag—everything about the experience was streamlined, clean, and a little mysterious. Or should I say, perfectly on brand?

Glossier has a cult following because everything they do is true to their brand. From packaging, product ingredients, and even marketing (I could point a Glossier sticker out from a mile away) they know what they’re about and they stick to it.

After stocking up on my favorite products, I still felt like something was needed. I spent my Metra ride home on Glossier’s website, adding virtually every item to my cart. The store’s perfectly organized acrylic displays has made me want to scrap the literal pounds of makeup and skincare I have proudly curated over the years, sitting at home in my bathroom, and start fresh with only Glossier. For the first time in possibly forever, I wondered why I needed 30 different lip products when a balm and a gloss could work for both night and day.

Soon, this minimalist mentality spread from makeup to everything. I found myself on Pinterest, looking up capsule wardrobe guidelines, dreaming of skipping off to Goodwill, half my closet in hand. A brand has got to be pretty powerful to get someone who takes pictures of her outfits to avoid repeating them, to conjure that image...

And yes, I feel like my skin is glowing, my brows are powerful, and my lashes have never looked fluffier, thanks to my shopping spree. But more than that, when I sprayed the complimentary perfume sample on my wrists this morning, it brought back an almost comforting feeling. I quickly realized that feeling was from yesterday, when I experienced one of my favorite brands being brought to life cohesively.

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