Beat That Face, It's Your Personal Brand


When it comes to Personal Branding, it’s all about how you authentically show up for the world. You are your best asset, and there’s NOTHING more authentic than your overall look. Think about it: every day is a new chance to walk your walk, and it’s important that you do so with your best foot—and face—forward!

Your beauty regimen is just as unique to you as your personal brand style and message. It’s important that you find a routine and look that is unique and consistent with that message. Don’t know where to begin? No worries, we’ve got you! Read on to find our go-to inspiration in order to up-level your best asset with a dope beauty routine.


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Consistency is the key to building a regimen that aligns with your brand and keeps you looking great.

A lifestyle brand under the Blavity Inc. umbrella, 21Ninety is my go-to for all things beauty, health, and overall wellness. Getting its name from the 21 days it takes to make a habit and the 90 days to create a lifestyle, 21Ninety is the perfect place to start a routine. Find tons of content to help you with your hair, beauty, health, and intentional wellness to keep you smiling too! This is a platform that will quickly become a community, with great inspirational quotes and images on Instagram and a website packed full of everything you need to get started on your next habit.


Makeup can be an essential part of your Personal Brand Style.

Whether she’s at a workshop or cocktails with friends, our #bossbabe CEO is never without her bright pink lipstick. It has become a staple in her branding and people have taken notice. When it comes to makeup, Fenty Beauty has a little bit of everything. From minimal, your-face-but-better looks to fierce full faces that will have even Rihanna shook. Promoting inclusive, cruelty-free products and legendary style fit for any occasion, Fenty is the brand for you (and one we LOVE). Their message of women empowerment and challenging the standard of beauty is the perfect way to boss up your look. Thinking of switching up? Follow their Instagram for inspo for some of the best makeup artists around!


People overlook nails, but they’re so important to your overall branding.

They’re my favorite way to set off your coordinated style. Are you a minimalist? Neutral, short nails may be your vibe. A diva? Long claws with fiery reds or glitter might be calling your name. Whatever your preference, don’t miss out on the chance to convey your brand aesthetic with your hands. Sally Hansen’s Global Color Ambassador, Madeline Poole, has the best inspiration to transform your nails. Her Instagram includes the latests trends, designs, and shapes to get you started.


We all know that true beauty comes from within.

Looking for your inner light? Ms. Lauren Ash knows the way. Our favorite Chicago-based influencer is committed to helping you stay zen and beautiful. Lauren has carved a path with her platform. From meditations, words of wisdom, beauty, and style, there’s something for everyone. She creates a safe space to do the work and get to the root of what makes us all beautiful. The happiest people cultivate a vibe that will attract a tribe. Do that, and watch your brand awareness build itself!