SimplyBe. Integrated: Dave Grohl’s Personal Brand Shows You How.


At SimplyBe., we strive to keep ourselves and our clients 100% integrated.

What the hell does that mean?

It means 100% authentic and true personal branding.

If you’re truly integrated, then you are the same person on the street as you are at work, at home, and in class, and you are representing yourself online, just as you are in person. If I read a blog you wrote yesterday about mindfulness and I bump into you today at a coffee shop and I ask you about it, I should get the same information from you. The same nuances, the same opinions, the same vulnerability, the same you.

No fluff, no clickbait, no false advertising. Just 100% true YOU.

Not to be dramatic, but I recently attended the greatest rock show of my life. I saw Foo Fighters at Wrigley Field in Chicago, and it was a life-changing experience. For perspective: my first dance with my Dad at my wedding was the acoustic version of Times Like These.

I was first introduced to the Nirvana-drummer-turned-Foo Fighters-frontman behind the mastery, Mr. David Grohl himself, on Liam Lynch’s once-upon-a-time podcast, Lynchland, circa 2006. Dave made an appearance in one of the episodes and he stuck with me. He was an absolute HOOT, incredibly genuine and, overall, radiated positivity. Before having the exact word for it way back when, all I could think about was how authentic he was. He was genuinely himself and his energy was contagious. He also happened to make incredible music which with, after experiencing Dave, the totally integrated person, I fell even deeper in love.

Fast forward a few years and Foo Fighters released Sonic Highways on HBO. As an homage to their 20 years as a band and their eighth album, Dave produced this show celebrating music history in the U.S. Each episode took place in a different city that helped shape the music industry—Chicago, Nashville, Austin, and L.A., to name a few. They documented the recording of each song that appears on the album from a different iconic recording studio across the country.

If that’s not art, I don’t know what is.

Fast forward to just this past July, and there I am, sandwiched between thousands of people at Wrigley Field, a mere 20 feet from the man himself. The person I saw on that stage was the same passionate, energetic, crazy person I saw in Sonic Highways, the same goofy, happy, genuine guy I saw on Lynchland, and the same person I miss EVERY TIME he comes through Chicago and visits Piece Pizza. But I digress.

Dave Grohl brought his FULL self to the two hours that they played on stage that night (and it was their second night in a row at Wrigley, mind you), along with an unmistakable passion for his art, and an unshakeable love for his fans. He put his heart into the performance that night and it was magnificent to see someone that big, that well-known, that talented, that fearless, be so genuine.

Dave Grohl is 100% integrated. Who he is on any given media channel, performance, interview, show, you name it, is the same authentic guy you’re going to see in person.

Integration is real, and it’s achievable.

So how do you become integrated?

Here are some tips to make sure that you stay true to yourself (you know, for when your next album goes platinum):

Be. Intentional.

If you’re posting just to post, or creating content for the sake of content, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t add noise to the echo chamber that is social media. Avoid creating content that is designed just for the likes or engagement. Create valuable content that shares your unique perspective and actionable value that your audience can take home. Before hitting ‘publish’ ask yourself: ‘what good is this going to bring to someone’s life?’

Be. True.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. If you’re going through it, chances are someone else is too. As one of our clients, Alan Burak, put it: “If you can change one life, you change the world.” This is not an invitation to emotionally vomit all over the internet: this is an invitation to look within and share your unique perspective. That is where your unique value lies! You can’t achieve thought leadership without sharing your true thoughts.

Be. You.

It sounds easy but sometimes we forget who we are and we get swept away in coffee table flatlays, photo-editing, and trending topics. Remember that not only does authenticity cut through the noise, it’s going to help you build an organic, quality audience both on- and off-line that is going to help grow your brand and your business.

If I wasn’t sure before, I’m sure of it now: I am a Dave Grohl fan for life. As an integrated human being and artist, he proved to me that you can still be a big deal AND be true to you.

I just need the chance to tell him in person at Piece one of these days.