How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Make Your Personal Brand Shine


My namesake, Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This is the ultimate aim of Personal Branding. It’s not an act of vanity, but rather how you show up for the world, how you handle your emotions, and how you make others feel after you have left the room. Your personal brand is closely tied to your emotional quotient, EQ, or emotional intelligence. Both have an impact, and work together to help you make a mark on your corner of the world.

Emotional intelligence is a hot topic right now. Google it and you’ll see an endless array of articles on what it is, how to get it, and why it’s crucial to doing great business—just ask Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Harvard Business Review.

How is this news? As an empath myself, I figured everyone already knew how their interactions with others affected the world around them.

But emotional intelligence is not just a matter of personal development; it’s also a professional necessity. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the fundamental human ability to acknowledge and handle emotions is more critical than ever. Strong interpersonal connections are the key to success in business, so the more you tap into your emotional intelligence, the more successful you will be.

The question is: can emotional intelligence be learned?

The short answer is yes, but you have to make it a daily practice, especially if you want to reap the business benefits from it. Make a conscious effort to tap into your intuition and empathy, and your EQ will naturally shine through in your personal brand. After all, the most effective people in business are the most genuine people in life.

Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Be present. You don’t have to meditate to practice mindfulness. Just being in tune to your thoughts and feelings day to day can help you cope with stress and spread your positivity to those around you. This will enable you to forge strong connections and build deeper relationships.

  • Be conscious. Emotional intelligence can help you be a better partner to your clients. Take the time to recognize emotions in others, and you will be better equipped to pick up on your clients’ needs and pain points—especially the ones that are left unsaid.

  • Be authentic. People do business with people, and everyone goes through shit. (Yes, even CEOs of great companies and influencers who look like they’ve got it all. Recognizing this and talking about your own struggles makes you more relatable and attracts your tribe.

  • Be visible. Some people naturally have a high EQ. If that’s you, you have a responsibility to pay it forward. Be a thought leader on the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace by making it part of your platform. Write a blog about it and share it with your network. Post about it on your social media channels. Offer to run a training for employees at your company for how to hire for (and with) empathy. Show up every day with an engaged and genuine energy. The little things matter.

Easier said than done though, right? Well actually, we’re giving you the chance to make EQ an essential part of your personal brand by learning how to be present, conscious, authentic, AND visible.

On March 30-31, right here in Chicago, SimplyBe. is hosting our first-ever weekend-long Masterclass, SIX-FIGURE PERSONAL BRANDS, and you’re invited. For the first time since SimplyBe.’s inception, the personal branding masters are bringing their expertise to YOU.

At SimplyBe., we take an inside-out approach to personal branding, and we’ll be teaching our Masterclass guests how to capitalize on their EQs to create a platform grounded in AUTHENTICITY. We’ve set out to help you hone your unforgettable personal brand and execute an in-depth marketing strategy that will exponentially grow your brand, business, and bank account. But more importantly, you’ll become part of a network of compassionate experts and like-minded people who are open, thoughtful, and REAL.

This event is a can’t-miss for anyone who wants to learn how to leave a legacy simply by leaning into your authenticity.

Tickets go on sale February 6th, and trust me, they will go fast.

Remember, emotional intelligence doesn’t just service you and your brand. When you are conscious of how your emotions affect the space around you, you will attract positivity, generosity, and compassion, and be able to spread it throughout your corner of the world and beyond.

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