Relationships are the Secret to Creating Killer Content


“Reciprocity isn’t necessary in relationships.”

No, Buddha didn’t say that. This golden nugget of wisdom came from our friend and client, Erin Coupe, Vice President of CBRE, mom, speaker, and LinkedIn thought leader. Jessica recently sat down with Erin to chat about why networking gets a bad rap, and how relationships are actually at the core of building a strong business and a killer personal brand. In today’s episode of SimplyBe. TV, get downloaded on Erin’s secrets to cultivating authentic connections in business that will take your career to new heights.

Erin is badass business woman and a master connector. Throughout her prestigious career, first in banking, and now in commercial real estate, she’s built up a network that’s helped her thrive. But before you write off networking as a pain in the butt, or just another to-do you need to check off on your way to the top, let Erin drop some knowledge on you:

“Networking” is just caring enough to build real relationships with the people around you. And it’s an essential part of business.

According to Erin, we need to reevaluate how we approach networking in order to make it more meaningful and productive. It should be about cultivating relationships, not collecting business cards. It must be a give-and-take, and it should feel authentic rather than transactional.

So how do you do this? Get personal.

“Everything I do from a business to a a personal standpoint, I bring my whole self. I make it personal,” says Erin.

It starts with tuning into your own authentic self. Consider what you have to offer the world, what makes you special, and amplify it. This may feel self-promotional. But, when done genuinely and thoughtfully, it’s truly an act of service.

For Erin, her natural aptitude for leadership, coupled with personal, real insights and stories help her build trust and deep, meaningful relationships with clients and business partners. But, she came to realize that this wealth of knowledge was only being shared with those she interacted with face-to-face. And even though she is a master at maximizing time, and manages to lead a company, run a family, book speaking engagements, regularly work out AND meditate every day, there are only so many people you can meet in person.

To be able to share her expertise and continue to build her network, she needed a broader platform. With the help of the SimplyBe. team, she amplified her personal brand through blogging, and began sharing her insights and lessons with a much wider audience: the entire LinkedIn community!

The response she received has been incredible, and a tribute to the power of putting yourself out there through authentic, consistent content. Her experiences in and outside of the workplace, and her honest and open voice resonate with so many people and have sparked conversations about relationships, career building, and compassion in the workplace among her network and BEYOND. And the best part of all is she did this with no “angle”—she just wants to provide as much value as she can to as many people as possible. No reciprocity necessary.

Of course, if you’re familiar with SimplyBe.’s mission, you know that using your personal brand to pay it forward inevitably leads to greater success for you and your business. Erin’s authentic thought leadership on the power of networking has fueled more connections, more speaking gigs, and more opportunity for her and CBRE overall.

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Learn more insider tips from the rest of Jessica’s interview with Erin up top, and be sure to check out all of Erin’s blogs on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for the next episode of SimplyBe. TV where PR Powerhouse Pooja Shah dives into crafting the perfect pitch, and other media tips you NEED to know to get your content in front of the right people.

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