The Power of Investing in YOU


“Invest in yourself to the point that others want to invest in you too” —Unknown

There is often guilt surrounding the notion of investing in yourself. We’re taught to avoid spending money on something that — from the outside — appears to just benefit ourselves. But when it comes down to it, YOU are your most valuable asset. So treat yourself that way.

In the latest episode of SimplyBe. TV, Maiya, our Project and Events Manager, sits down with Pablo Sampaio, the founder of PMG Accounting, and SimplyBe.’s own CFO to talk about the power of putting money towards your own success. The key to smart spending when it comes to your personal brand? Think of it as an investment.

Any time you consider investing capital, you think about the ROI, right? Well the same goes for investing in yourself. How many job interviews will that professional headshot on your optimized LinkedIn profile land you? What type of speaking engagements could you get with the help of an outsourced PR agency? What influencer partnerships might you gain from your blog that you dedicate all those hours to?

We’ve said it before — and we’ll say it again. Personal branding is NOT about followers. It’s about leveraging all available avenues to share your authentic message and value. If you want to be a true thought leader, you need to THINK. It sounds simple, but this can be hard in an era where people often hide behind a carefully curated online persona.

“In today’s world, information and data travel fast. But people still don’t know how to tell their story,” Pablo says. “Getting that message and story across is paramount to your success, regardless of what business you’re in.”

A large part of investing in your personal brand is identifying resources that can help you discover your unique value, hone your message, and deliver it to a targeted audience. This help can come in the many forms—from partnering with an agency (like us!) or taking an online course to build up your own skills.

If you’re just starting out in your career or in the startup phase of building a business, we get that money can be tight. But setting aside a little money in your budget towards your personal brand a month at a time is sure to be well worth it.

According to Pablo, “When a person invests in their personal brand, they’re investing in their own equity.”  

So what are you waiting for?

The time to invest is now. We’re launching an exciting opportunity guaranteed to kickstart your self-investment and grant you MAJOR returns. On March 30-31st, we’re hosting our first-ever Masterclass, SIX-FIGURE PERSONAL BRANDS. During this immersive weekend-long workshop, the Simply Be. Team will be spilling all of our secrets that will help YOU build a strong personal brand and business worth investing in.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest episode of SBTV, where Pablo delves further into how to budget your time and money into investing in your personal brand no matter where you are in your career.