Personal Branding Meets Public Relations: Where the Magic Happens


When you think about starting a business, personal branding isn’t necessarily at the top of your to-do list. From getting incorporated to finding the right accountant, defining who you are as a founder can feel like the least of your worries.

In reality, it’s one of the most important parts of building your business. Director of Client Relations, Nora Shepard recently sat down with Michelle Mekky, one of SimplyBe.’s inaugural clients and the founder of Mekky Media, to chat about the power of personal branding in business, finding a voice as a leader, and that magic place where personal branding meets public relations.

“Before I defined my personal brand, I didn’t have the confidence to come out of the shadows,” said Michelle. And she meant this literally!

After a successful career working as a producer in broadcast journalism, Michelle was ready to make a change. After working hand-in-hand with publicists across the country for so many years, she realized PR would be a good fit, a way for her to stop writing scripts until 3am and start meeting people in the daylight again. Michelle spent ten more years working in high-ranking positions at large PR firms across Chicago, establishing her expertise and building her network.

Then, two years ago she finally took the leap to go out on her own. When it came to naming her new firm, she was conflicted. Practicality said she shouldn’t be the face or name of the business. What if she wanted to sell down the line? But she knew in her heart there was no other way to approach this new venture.

“I realized I was the magic,” said Michelle. “Stepping out from behind the camera has been TERRIFYING...but it feels like destiny.”

And so Mekky Media was born.

Once she committed to being the face of her business, Michelle knew it was essential she hone who she was and how she wanted to present herself to the world. But even after years of pitching clients and their businesses, creating a cohesive and authentic story for herself was easier said than done.

Enter SimplyBe.

Michelle began working with us right as her entrepreneurial journey started to take off. She was a mom, a survivor, a businesswoman. But so were a lot of women. How could she speak to these parts of herself in a way that was helpful and not preachy? Distinct, rather than cliche? She began by taking a step back to define what was truly most important to her. Then she conveyed that through her different channels. She began blogging, posting on Instagram, and speaking at events. We worked together to define her personal brand.

“Now that I have I have a personal brand, I have a platform where I am a leader,” said Michelle.

Beyond visibility among peers and colleagues, she saw a ripple effect on her business. She landed a regular contributor spot for Forbes Agency Council and began getting invitations to be a keynote speaker. More recently, she even won a Stevie Award for Women in Business. Personal branding proved to be the secret sauce to sky-rocketing her career.

“My personal brand IS the business. They are intertwined now,” said Michelle.

What’s key about her success story is that she didn’t change anything about herself. She learned how to own, hone, and amplify what already made her special: her authenticity.

Each and every one of us has magic inside—it’s just a matter of discovering what it is and sharing it with the world. We know, we know… easier said than done. Lucky for you we’ve got a way to help you tap into to your own superpower and start amplifying it to the world.

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Take a page from one of our favorite personal branding success stories and don’t let your fears hold you back.

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