How to Add Value Through Original Content


Are you adding value to the world? Or noise?

Creative Director Aleksa recently sat down (in a bathtub) with David Gardner, CEO and founder of ColorJar and former pro-basketball player, to discuss how compelling content is a catalyst for building your brand and why passion is the most powerful fuel you have to create it.

Despite running an agency focused on branding and design, it took David some time to get comfortable touting his personal brand. He knew he was ready to unleash himself and his value on the world...but didn’t quite know how.

“I think of it in a sports context,” he says. “That was a muscle I needed to build and it was a little weak when I started.”

Over time, he started to build more confidence through creating original content. Occasional Instagram posts turned into full-fledged articles on Medium. He found the key to feeling comfortable creating content was leaning into his own authenticity.

As a professional athlete-turned-entrepreneur, David realized as he was growing his design consulting firm that there wasn’t a spotlight on pro-athletes who were successfully engaging in ventures beyond sports—like he was doing. He decided to fill this gap by launching a podcast. Now, in addition to running his business, David hosts The Big Jump, a podcast that picks the brains of professional athletes who have found success outside of sports.

And while his guests are all athletes, this isn’t just a podcast for sports fans. Its core message runs so much deeper, seeking to answer the question, what does it take for humans to reinvent themselves?

David can speak to this in-depth, not only because he managed to reinvent himself over time, but also because he’s passionate about helping others navigate similar experiences. He began his career as a professional basketball player in Europe, but has since become a thought leader in the branding space. He found the transition between these two spaces to be the most valuable and rewarding part of his journey so far. His podcast is his way of inspiring others to make their own “big jump.”

Podcasting enables David to enter people’s lives in an intimate way, giving him the opportunity to create deep connections with his audience virtually. As he did more and more episodes, David began to see crossover between his two passions — his company and his podcast. While The Big Jump focuses on people reinventing themselves, ColorJar helps companies reinvent their brands.

“The podcast started from a place of passion for me,” says David. “There’s no way the drive and hustle would be possible without it coming from a place of passion.”

The end result? Creating this kind of engaging content has not only helped put David on the map, but as an added bonus, has also boosted ColorJar’s brand.

“Anything I do has to come from that internal place,” he says. “How do I want to add value? Not, what do I think will look good?”

This rings true to our entire ethos here at Simply Be. Personal Branding is not about you. It’s about the VALUE you can bring to OTHERS. Whether it’s a podcast like David’s, a video series like SBTV, or a kickass blog (like this one!), bringing value to your audience starts with creating original content with a POV that only you have.

And it starts at the intersection of expertise and authenticity.

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