Find Your Purpose, Find Success


In the era of digitalization, social media and constant online connection, creating a distinct voice that stands out among all the noise—a.k.a. a personal brand—is critical to your success. But all too often people approach crafting a personal brand from an inauthentic place. They let their thirst for attention or increased revenue define their message.

You may have noticed that these kinds of brands are pervasive, but at the end of the day, they aren’t sustainable. Your fifteen minutes of fame always run out sooner than you think, and after that, you’re left with a platform that falls flat. So how do you ensure you don’t slide down this slippery slope to inauthenticity?

Find your purpose.

To dive deeper into purpose-driven branding, CEO Jessica Zweig sat down with Pete Wilkins, Managing Director of Hyde Park Angels and a sought-after thought leader on purpose and performance. Pete discussed the power of creating a genuine brand, and the self-awareness it takes to do so.

“The reason that people follow a leader is because of who they are, what they represent, and the vision that they are projecting,” said Pete. “It’s not about creating a brand. It’s about finding who you are, and representing that person 24/7, 365 days a year.”

You can project a strong brand online, but if you aren’t staying true to who you are OFFLINE, why should anyone really care about you? People don’t connect with you for your color scheme, your logo, or your headshots. It’s who you are at your core that counts. What we call being integrated—showing up online just as you do in the flesh—is key.  

“When you’re thinking about personal brands, you’ve got to get in touch with what your purpose and values are. That’s truly the brand,” said Pete.

If you truly live your values, you’ll see the growth of your brand naturally fall into place.

But while each of us has unique value and purpose in our own right, identifying exactly what it is can often be challenging.

You have to start from the inside out. Think about what gives you energy. What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What wrongs do you want to make right? How do you want to lead your life? Above all...WHY?

That is where your purpose lies.

“Going through a self-discovery empowers people to own who they are and consider how they present it,” said Pete.

It’s more than just saying, “I’m purposeful or passionate about XYZ.” You’ve got to actually live it. Start each day focused on what matters and be intentional with what you do. Once you are connected to your WHY, you’ll start vibrating on another frequency. You’ll attract more of what you want and accomplish more of what matters.

Personal branding gives you the ability to own this greatness, and to leverage it in service of other people. When done right, owning your personal brand is a self-empowering act, not a selfish one.

“At the end of the day it’s all about being genuine, being purposeful, and making a difference,” said Pete.