5 Austin Brands We Love


What makes a great brand? Answering this question is at the core of our work at SimplyBe. A “great” brand is clear, consistent, authentic and self-aware. We say this to our clients and we even say it to ourselves as we go about our days. Kidding...but actually. But what does this look like in real life, in practice every day?

Because we’ve got Austin on the brain, we’ve chosen five brands, both personal and professional that are absolutely slaying the branding game. Their visuals and messaging are distinct, real, and in-service, not of themselves, but of their audience. These brands understand who they’re talking to and what their followers care about. They address these pain points effectively and creatively, making themselves thought leaders whose products and services are indispensable to their audiences. Let’s dive in!

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1. Prep to Your Door

Co-Founder, Heather Emerson made it her mission to keep things simple: create organic, plant-based, gluten-free meals that are delicious, easily accessible and mindful of both our planet and the people who live on it. Prep to Your Door is all of the above. Their delicious, and might we add STUNNING, meals are delivered to subscribers in the Austin area, in waste-free mason jars. The company focuses on locally, sustainably and ethically sourcing their ingredients, all while spreading a completely aligned message on the importance of advocacy and equality. It’s wholesome food, with an even more wholesome cause that we proudly stand behind.

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2.Kendra Scott

Talk about a heart-centered company. Not only does this brand deliver on beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry (once you know the Kendra Scott signature style, you’ll be able to pick it out anywhere), but it keeps people at the center of the story. From Kendra’s inspiring story of building her company from the spare bedroom of her house, to the consistent message of female empowerment and the brand’s dedication to service and philanthropy, their pieces not only look great, but feel great! You know you’re getting a stunning necklace AND you’re buying into supporting a community of women.

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3.Best Practice Media

This leading digital marketing firm is responsible for putting on Austin’s Social Media Week --- no small feat, and their dedication to remaining relevant and on the cutting edge shows. The brand’s founder, Claire Winslow is an expert on the ever-changing world of ad-backed marketing, but more than that, Best Practice Media has positioned themselves as thought leaders on pop culture and current events. They’ve owned their media expertise as creatives and add value to their followers’ lives through commenting on music, art and taking a stance on social issues.

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Everything about Superseed says REAL. Yummy, plant-based, organic treats - check. Bright, fun team shots - check. Family-owned and operated - check. Dedication to serving Austin the best food - double check. We love Superseed because their products are amazing, period. But we love them even more for the fun, real and relatable way that they approach the often intimidating health food trend. They’re not stuffy or holier than thou, they’re real people who you could be friends with...who just so happen to make VEGAN DONUTS. Who can resist???

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5.Jane Ko

We had to put our girl Jane on here, because she represents what success looks like when your brand isn’t only strong (like everyone on this list) but when your brand IS your company. Her Instagram and blog are what she does, and she does it so well. She has created a beautiful visual aesthetic and her followers count on her to know the newest, coolest and tastiest places to eat in Austin. Because she’s proven herself to be a true queen among foodies, she has cultivated an audience that is engaged and eager to hear her advice on where to travel, who to wear and what to do. Her brand is both her business and her lifestyle, and it’s in total service to her community.

And now to unpack some of the trends we’ve identified in these epic brands.

First of all, they all find their power in Instagram feeds, but more importantly in the ACTIVE missions those feeds capture. They are quite literally living their brands. In this vein, these brands have focused both on building awesome products for their customers, as well as sharing a story that digs deeper and provides meaning behind what they do. They sell a lifestyle and a message as much as they sell food, jewelry or advice. And while the bottom line is important to any successful brand, these folks have taken it one step further, tying every move back to purpose and passion. They truly want to make a difference and leave their mark on the world. They’re clear, consistent, authentic and self-aware. All day, every day. 

If you think these brands are badass, then we have exciting news for you. They will ALL be representing at SimplyBe.’s Authentically Austin Masterclass on Friday, September 20th. Check out our website to see how we’re partnering with each brand and book your spot to hear their inspiring stories and experience their game-changing products firsthand.