Lessons from Mindvalley: The Power a Brand has Over its Community


At the end of June, I went with two members of my team to my second Mindvalley University —- this time in Pula, Croatia. The Mindvalley experience is designed to be a pop-up, month long “college” where thought leaders gather to fill the gaps of what they didn’t learn in school. It is a beautiful, welcoming, warm and powerful space. Not to mention, it changed my business and my life. 


We all learned that traveling for business is fun and sparkly, but it’s also draining if you don’t set aside time for yourself to be fully present or rest. As a result, we silenced the FOMO that comes with attending conventions and learned to sit dinners out when we needed to recharge. We also incorporated a more holistic approach to getting our work done, adding in times for exploration and play. But aside from this, for me, the biggest learning from this trip lies elsewhere --- within the community that Mindvalley fosters, and the type of community that I am building around SimplyBe. 


This realization began with my presentation. Despite having spoken at Mindvalley last year, I was getting completely in my head before my talk, freaking myself out over every possibility of something going wrong. For days leading up to my speech, I was stuck in a rut of anxiety, self-doubt and serious feelings of imposter syndrome. (It happens to the best of us, my friends.

In what can only be described as divine alignment, I attended a talk by the wonderful Eric Edamedes, who spoke directly to the fear I was experiencing and empowered me to do something I had been wanting to do for a long time: tell a raw and completely vulnerable story of my past. 


I made some last minute changes to my presentation. I did not start with my credentials and accolades, like I usually do to convince my audience I’m worth listening to. Instead, I started with my journey. One that includes the honors and coverage I’ve garnered over the past few years, yes, but one that started with my being a broke, struggling cocktail waitress who was living in pain, stress, shallowness and darkness. I opened up to the audience about the obstacles I’ve faced, and how despite appearances, my journey hasn’t always been sunshine yellow and pineapples. 


This vulnerability and belief that my story did not minimize, but actually heightened the value I could provide, transformed my talk. My audience was right there with me the entire time, ready to relate, learn and grow. That's precisely what’s so special about the Mindvalley community. They’re a group of open-minded, loving and genuine people who were attracted to the conference thanks to Mindvalley founder, Vishen Lakhiani’s crystal clear brand and message. 

And, as the fates would have it, I received a standing ovation to a crowd of over 300 people. It was one of the highlights of my career.


What Vishen has created is a testament to what we say almost every day at SimplyBe.: your vibe attracts your tribe. His high-vibe, heart-centered approach to learning, communicating and growing sets the tone for every interaction at Mindvalley. This energy is apparent in the brand’s messaging and marketing, but it is truly palpable when you see Vishen in action. On Mindvalley’s opening night, he led a presentation that set unity, transformation and love as the basis for everything that takes place at Mindvalley. It’s easy for the Mindvalley community to live this out because Vishen does so himself. His brand is how he lives his life, and by virtue of authenticity, it attracts people who operate in the same way. 


I was met by an audience that wanted me to succeed; people who were more than ready to get real, vulnerable and uncomfortable because that’s what Mindvalley’s brand is all about. It’s a brand built on attracting the right ones, not everyone, which is exactly what I preach, and build at SimplyBe. I am in the business of unapologetic authenticity, which might not vibe with everyone who sees what I do, but for the people that my brand speaks to, I’m able to offer a completely unique space that fully supports, empowers and accepts them. This is what my company does every day when working with our clients, and it’s what Mindvalley did for me. 


I felt a sense of community like never before, one in which I completely belonged, and the joy and power it brought to me is one that I’ll be resharing with mine.

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