(Not) Another Blog on Balance


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius.

No offense to Confucius, but I disagree. Instead, I believe that once you choose a job you love, you work harder than ever before. You work to expand your skill sets, give your clients a better product, and scale your business. My passion for personal branding and PR at SimplyBe. has taught me just that.

But, let me back track. This blog isn’t about my love affair with SimplyBe., or my coworkers and the magic we create...at least, not quite yet.

It’s about finding balance while pouring your heart and soul into your work, and navigating the “hustle harder” startup mentality.

There’s a stereotype that startups are switched on 24/7: the work keeps you up late at night, clients seem like your life’s priority and entrepreneurs never rest, right? That’s true in some cases. But sometimes, even in a rapidly-growing business like ours, balance can be closer than you think.

In an effort to support our fast-paced work and strategic mindsets AND our duties to our bodies and mental health, we introduced a new core value this quarter: Be. Balanced.

Be. Balanced is about putting in the work, internally. As a team, we all are putting in the work externally all day, every day—for our clients, our business, and each other. Talent and teamwork is what it’s all about. However, a major consequence of a high-energy, high-expectations and high-workload environment is a high risk of burnout. After all, we are human, and we need to receive as much energy and care as we give to others.

This core value brings a little more flexibility into our regular schedules. SimplyBe. is headed in the direction of a laptop culture—eventually. In the meantime, we’re able to enjoy work-from-home days and are encouraged to take care of ourselves. But it’s not just lip service. We actually get a $50 bonus each month to spend on self-care activities! That could be a facial, massage, yoga class, or maybe even a cooking class that we’ve been eyeing. No matter the activity, we are held accountable to using the entire money’s worth toward ourselves.

We’re two months into the quarter and we are already witnessing the impact of Be. Balanced. Our conversations about working out before work are celebratory, and we are being more mindful of ensuring that we respect each other’s days out of the office or when we log off. If you ask me, we’re flipping the definition of a start-up lifestyle on its head. And best of all, our work output and general creative genius is fiercer than ever.

You may relate to this or you may not – but incorporating balance into our business model works for us. It’s important to find what works for you and your team, because the only way to open the conversation of work-life balance is with compassion, an understanding that employees are human, and an environment that encourages inspiration, creativity and rest.

The addition of Be. Balanced has made me think about work-life balance in a completely new way. I don’t strive to carve out more time for workouts or time to face-mask; instead, I strive to live a more holistic approach to wellness, starting with being kinder to myself on a daily basis.

So as we head into this glorious long weekend, if you’re questioning whether or not it’s worth buying a yoga membership this month because of an unpredictable schedule, or whether shutting down your laptop to enjoy a weekend with your partner is worth a two-page-long Monday morning inbox – I say yes, it is.

Look inward to acknowledge what you need today and every day. Communicate your needs. Encourage your team and coworkers to do the same. Create your own definition of balance and hold yourself accountable to it. Then, take that rest, inspiration and mind-body-soul healing into your passions and work. Finally, watch the magic unveil.

P.S. If you need a little kickstart, I got you with the best discounted half-day spa packages! ;)

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