Power of the SimplyBe. Masterclass (Insider Look)


Hey tribe! It’s Grace Friedman, SimplyBe.’s Content Manager and regular source of etymological entertainment.

You may have noticed we’ve been making a lot of noise about our Authentically Austin Masterclass (coming in hot Friday, September 20th). 

I know. We’re noisy. But it’s for a good reason. 

Before I dive in, let me take you back to March 30th and 31st, 2019. Our very first Masterclass in Chicago.

As someone who works full-time at SimplyBe., I wasn’t sure how the Chicago Masterclass would differ from the work we typically do. Because quite frankly, our agency work is already transformative. I’ve seen grown men cry after sitting through our Brand Identity presentations, so I wasn’t sure how we could go up from there. But the Masterclass was life-changing. That’s the long and short of it. 

It took the work I typically do behind my laptop — breaking down everything our clients share with us, and building it up into a powerful story that can be used to reach potential clients, employees, collaborators, and media --- and brought it to life, in real time. I, and the rest of the SimplyBe. Team had the privilege of working with all 50 workshop attendees, face to face. And when you’re in our line of work and you sit down to talk to someone, you go right past small talk. You get to know their goals, passions and unshared ideas. 

Every attendee’s power, expertise and potential was immediately apparent to me. And what was even clearer was that by the end of the weekend, the content we shared and the conversations we facilitated allowed them to see their power clearly, too. 

The entire Masterclass experience was a poignant reminder that the work we do at SimplyBe. isn’t lip service. Everyone we work with already has what they need to get their message out into the world, we just provide them with the self-awareness and tools to make it happen. It’s a humbling thought. Because for every conversation we had in Chicago, I know there are another dozen lightbulb moments waiting to happen in Austin.

And while I personally won’t be in the land of food trucks, queso, and Batinis this month, I promise you’re in good hands ;) Our Founder and CEO, Jessica is the true genius behind our work --- an industry leader who is redefining what personal branding means and what it can do for the world. She is a true thought leader with the power to create more of them. 

All you have to do is be open to the idea that you are too. 

So yes, Austin is worth all the noise. But don’t just take my word for it; come experience it for yourself and let it change your life.

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