SimplyBe. Takes Croatia - Here's What We Learned


Hey, Tribe! You’ve got Nora and Aleksa here, and in this blog we’re diving deep into the effect that chilling out can have on your business.

This past month we joined our boss and founder, Jessica Zweig, in attending Mindvalley University in Pula, Croatia. It was our second time attending this event, and to say it was a transformational experience is an understatement. 

In our two weeks abroad we learned so much, on both a personal and professional level, and we’re bringing all that newfound knowledge and know-how back to SimplyBe., but more importantly back to YOU.

So let’s get rockin’. 

Just a little context on Mindvalley U to set the stage: This 30-day experience, always held in a beautiful international city, gathers together international thought leaders from all spaces to learn, grow and support one another in becoming stronger leaders, more fulfilled individuals and happier, more in-tune global citizens. 

The program’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, has fostered an ultra-welcoming community where we truly felt empowered to “fill the gaps” of what they simply don’t teach you in school.

As vets of the program, we had our experience from Mindvalley in Estonia last year (LINK TO BLOG) to pull from, and we knew we wanted this year to be much different. Estonia was all about hustle, getting our foot in the door, joining the community and working endlessly to keep things running back at SBHQ. 

This year, we knew the ropes, we knew the people, and we were certain that our team in Chicago had things covered. We wanted this time around to be about flow, open-heartedness and light, hence our nickname for the trip: “CroEASEtia.” With our intentions—feeling centered and blissful on our plane ride home—we headed into the next couple weeks.

High level, our trip was characterized by three revelations:

1. Jessica is a BOSS and the work we do at SimplyBe. is not only valuable, but cutting edge.

We are so inspired by Vishen Lakhiani’s brand, expertise and his passion. So when his opening talk hit on the same themes of authenticity, clarifying your message and building your platform that we talk about EVERY DAY, imposter syndrome was off the table. We were reminded that the work we do is powerful.

This feeling was even stronger when we watched Jessica’s talk, aptly named Personal Brand Alchemy (the most well-attended session at the event). She took the room on a beautiful journey of self-exploration and was totally in her element and in pure flow. We know her message (our message) like the back of our hands, but this time was different. There was a magical vulnerability and confidence that emanated from her presentation, something that had to be related to our second learning...

2. Public speaking is a no-brainer when you let go of fear.

One of our favorite talks at MVU was “One Talk Away” by the incredible Eric Edmeades. He challenged us to look at our value, and the way we communicate it, specifically through public speaking and presentations, in a totally new light. He explained that nervousness and excitement were physiologically the same emotions, with different predictions for outcomes attached to them. When we focus on and assume a negative outcome, we attract stress, and when we focus on success, we manifest it. His talk covered the importance of telling a story, rather than regurgitating facts, understanding what you want your talk to do for your audience, but also bearing in mind what you want your talk to achieve for you

The timing of these lessons could not have been more divine.

Coming out of this presentation we led the most successful Instagram and LinkedIn workshop we had ever presented. We focused on simply sharing our expertise, silencing self-doubt and trusting in our ability to add value to our audience’s lives. We were in total flow. It was an uplevel personally and professionally. We expanded our skills and built our confidence while also generating connections, business and new capabilities for SimplyBe., which, perfectly enough, leads into our final point:

3. Work and company life don’t have to look one certain way.

Last year, our Mindvalley U experience involved burning the candle at both ends trying to be present at the conference while also fully running the business back home. With a larger team back home, Croatia was about being present. We meditated in parks, went on bike rides, slept in, attended talks, presentations and dinners, and also said no to things that didn’t serve us. We built in time for relaxation and fun, but that didn’t mean that work wasn’t getting done; it just looked different. We presented our expertise, connected with kindred spirits, ideated and developed new company offerings and spread the SimplyBe. ethos on a global scale. By changing our game, we changed THE game. The ease and flow we experienced in Croatia inspired us to reframe how we work now that we’re back at home; building in more time for balance and redefining work to not only include finishing projects and meeting deadlines, but also growing holistically and organically. 

As always, Mindvalley U was a huge opportunity for growth. Croatian growth, in particular looked like stepping into our power, evolving our skillset and remembering to take time to relax—all in the service of ourselves and the business. 

CroEASEtia Vibes, 

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