Why Austin is the Place to Be.

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I get this question a lot.

And I think the answer is a testament to the power of the industry. 

When I first started SimplyBe. in 2014, I was an independent consultant. I had experience in digital marketing, brand strategy and business development, but I had not established myself as an expert in personal branding. Whatsoever. 

Still, I was flooded with business inquiries; all from people who knew me from my previous company and were aware of my experience in related fields. I had unknowingly built a name for myself in the branding and social media strategy spaces. This brand was strong enough to attract clients and help my build the world-class firm I’m the CEO of today.

My influence is what allowed me to be an entrepreneur. As both the startup and influencer spaces continue to boom, stories like mine, and the reverse, are increasingly common. And when you think about it, it’s not that surprising. Influencers and entrepreneurs are both passionate people who want to use their creation (whether that’s their business or their Instagram page, and more frequently BOTH) to change their corner of the world. 

There’s simply barriers to entry in both fields that entrepreneurs and influencers feel unequipped to cross. Perhaps entrepreneurs aren’t sure how to convey their healthcare startup’s work on social media in an engaging way, or influencers aren’t sure how to convert their engaged audience into customers as they launch a retail line associated with their page. These are the gaps I can bridge and the questions I’m going to answer at SimplyBe.’s first NATIONAL Masterclass: Authentically Austin. 

The material I’m covering is what I’ve built my business around. It’s my years of experience in the power of authenticity and clarity. It’s SimplyBe.’s trademarked brand-building methodology. It’s a practice in understanding and setting oneself free from doubts and fears to pursue your goals. It’s life changing, if I do say so myself. But the biggest question I’ve received on this Masterclass hasn’t been about the content (my audience seems to know what I’m about these days...must be a result of good personal branding!). It’s about the location.

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Well that’s easy. 

Austin is the perfect city for SimplyBe. to tap into for a number of reasons. First, the “weirdness” and quirky essence of the city are the perfect match for SimplyBe.’s bright yellows, pineapples and unapologetic authenticity. We love and embrace the weird, and feel right at home in a town that prides itself on doing the same. 

But for more than the good vibes, great dancing, and killer food scene, Austin is the perfect place for the work we do to strike a chord and truly change lives. Ranked as the top city to start a business by CNBC in 2016, Austin hasn’t strayed far from the top of that list in the past three years. In fact, it’s only welcomed more growth. With 46 HQ relocations in 2018 (not including second offices from the likes of Google and Amazon), the Austin of 2019 has settled into a home for tech giants and startups alike. Pair this with a robust lineup of micro and macro influencers with tuned in audiences, and you have the perfect concoction for thought leadership to emerge.

And it has. 

Some of my very favorite brands, from Staci Brinkman’s Sips by, a delicious gourmet tea brand, to Aubrey Marcus’ holistic approach to supplements and wellness through her company Onnit, to Brian Schoenbaum of Vuka Collective’s enlightened and transformative approach to business and the spaces we work in, have been born from Austin’s hungry, fast-paced, tuned-in, yet mindful, kind and REAL market. The numbers are there. Austin is a place full of innovation, growth and potential, but it is also a place of  heart and humanity. 

If the short history of entrepreneurship in Austin is any indicator, it’s a city that attracts the likes of SimplyBe. --- good people who know their shit and deliver results. And I want to work with them. I want to help the next wave of Stacis, Aubreys and Brians build companies that tap into Austin’s booming market while also nurturing its rich, bright spirit. I want to bring Chicago grit to a city that will take it and run with it, building businesses and platforms that will truly change the game.

I’m ready Austin. Are you?

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