Personal Branding 101


Do you hear that?

We’re talking about the cacophony of blogs, tweets, videos, and posts coming at you from every corner of the Internet. It’s enough to make you want to delete your social media accounts. But before you throw in the towel, we want you to know that you CAN shine online.

Jessica Zweig, Founder and CEO of personal branding hub Simply Be. Agency wants to help you cut through the noise.

In today’s digitally saturated world, attention is the most valuable form of currency, and every single person on the internet, from local influencers to household brands are vying for it. So how do you stand out? And where can you find the clarity you need to make it happen?

At Simply Be., we specialize in the art of standing out, and we help our personal brand clients rise above their competition by simply being themselves. Building a strong personal brand and a memorable online presence go hand-in-hand, and at the heart of it is having a clear, cohesive story to tell to the world.

In the pilot episode of Simply Be. TV, Jessica walks you through 5 essential tips for telling a story that will stand out - the story of YOU.

1. Determine your value (2:08)

2. Identify your audience (2:48)

3. Solidify your areas of expertise (4:20)

4. Create original content and amplify it on social media (5:09)

5. Grow your own peer group (6:52)

We guarantee that if you follow these tips, you’ll become a magnet for more visibility, more opportunity, and even more revenue.

For more tips on how to build your personal brand, monetize your passion, and make a career out of simply being YOU, make sure to tune into next week’s episode and subscribe to SimplyBe. TV!

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