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Brynn Jones is an independent artist, videographer and photographer who came to SimplyBe. with a compelling artistic vision and successful business, but little-to-no name recognition or brand direction. She wanted to establish her personal brand to increase visibility and awareness for her professional services, build her own book of business, establish a platform to drive client acquisition, build a community of like-minded artists, and drive quality business networking opportunities.


The SimplyBe. Accelerator: A day-long, interactive working session with the entire SimplyBe. Team focused entirely on building a customized, comprehensive personal brand identity, marketing strategy and tactical execution plan for building brand recognition and thought leadership. Brynn flew into Chicago from Phoenix to spend 8 hours collaborating with our personal branding experts to build out every facet of her brand.





Visual branding

SimplyBe. created a refreshed brand personality and visual brand guidelines to use on her website, during art exhibitions and across social media platforms.

Original content

To help Brynn reach the target audience we helped her identify during her Accelerator Day, we created a comprehensive 6-month content strategy, including hosting original art exhibitions, an interactive online web gallery, an ongoing YouTube series, consistent Instagram content, plus ongoing PR networking opportunities and outreach.

Business Wins

After activating her new brand message across all platforms, Brynn started attracting new business opportunities just a few weeks after her Accelerator Day. Stay tuned to see what she does next!

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