Grace Friedman, Content Manager


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Of herself as well as others. The latest addition to the Tribe, Grace comes to SimplyBe. with over five years of experience in digital marketing for a global consultancy, where she specialized in content creation, employer brand marketing, and diversity and inclusion strategy.

She has loved to write since a young age, filling countless journals with stories, poems, love letters, and song parodies over the years. More recently, she was the ghostwriter for several C-level executives with work published in CMS Wire,, and MediaPost.

Grace is delighted to have joined SimplyBe., where she is surrounded by some of the most talented people she has ever met. As the agency’s Content Manager, every internal and client-facing blog, bio, video, social post, deck, white paper, pitch—you get the gist—comes across her desk, where she refines and strengthens each piece of content down to the letter. Her laser-focus, coupled with her determination to get things done well enable SimplyBe. to deliver the caliber of work our clients not only deserve, but have come to expect.

SimplyBe. has given Grace some of the most interesting projects of her career so far, but even better, she’s found a place where she is free to be herself.

When she’s not dotting clients’ i’s and crossing SimplyBe.’s t’s, you’ll find Grace hanging with her fiancé in the Gold Coast, crushing it at a spin class, listening to BTS, kicking back with a good book—or maybe kicking back a glass of Prosecco.



“You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood. What mood is that? Last-minute panic.”

—Bill Watterson