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The marketing teams at Heineken USA were lacking shared values and the aligned messaging needed for strong internal collaboration and external marketing positioning. This was a detriment to team dynamics, as well as their bottom line, as it prevented Heineken from showing a united front and a clear message to the market, their clients, and customers.


Founder + CEO Jessica Zweig facilitated a 2-day workshop in NYC for eight of the company’s top marketing leaders. The workshop demonstrated a commitment to the personal development of the participants by company leadership, while establishing consistency and cohesiveness in individual brands AND team brand messaging.




  • The group learned to define and leverage their unique personalities to succeed in a more authentic way

  • They built self-awareness of which key motivators propel them personally, as well as in the workspace

  • They increased their confidence in the field, driving better business results for the organization

  • They established a more genuine team rapport, leading to deeper trust and support, and ultimately driving more efficient team dynamics

  • They clarified their unique individual attributes in order to more effectively position themselves in the company, resulting in promotions for some


Regional Marketing Associate Manager Kelly Lackner had a personal breakthrough during the workshop, reframing her personal story from one of shame to one of empowerment. Post-workshop, Kelly transformed her communication style and related to her team in an entirely new light. Eighteen months after the workshop, Kelly received an internal promotion and moved across the country for her dream job.

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