You could be the next Gary V.

You’re building your empire.

Based on your success, many people would consider you “an inspiration.”  You have a big mission for your life, and you need a big platform.

In some circles, they already know your name.

Now it’s time for everyone to know your name.

You know that to get there takes more than just cranking out content and tweeting 24/7.

It  requires more than just a few PR hits and speaking on a few important stages.

It takes a deep understanding of your entire business and how you show up in the world.  

It takes crafting everything from the story you tell, to the clothes you wear to the people you do business with, to the holistic social presence you leverage.

You could hire a social media agency, a PR firm, a stylist, an event producer, and a book editor. OR you can work with a dedicated partner and a fully loaded team to make it happen.

That partner is somebody who has been there and done that, who will lead you to the next level. Your personalized Icon Coach, on speed dial.

If you’re ready to be a household name, you’re ready for the Icon Mastermind.

icon mastermind.jpg

In this program, you will transform:

✓ From being known in your industry, to becoming THE someone to know in your industry.

✓ From being the someone to know in your industry, to being the someone to know in EVERY industry.

✓ From thought leader to icon.

In the Icon Mastermind, you will be working directly with SimplyBe.’s Founder + CEO Jessica Zweig, who will lead every single aspect of your personal brand, with the full SimplyBe. Team working for you.

The Icon Mastermind is application only and limited to three clients per year.