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Ingrid has always embraced her multiplicity: reserved yet brilliant; honest but kind; light-hearted but still observant; a quick learner who is industrious; a dreamer and also a doer. Ingrid relies on her articulate communication skills and high emotional IQ to create magic, rather than confusion, out of her on-the-cusp soul.

Not one to keep her circle small, Ingrid left her hometown, Denver, Colorado to pursue an English degree at Northwestern University where she served as Vice President on her sorority’s executive board. Her role, which focused on providing chapter members with academic and emotional support, tapped into Ingrid’s affinity for interpersonal and strategic communication and ignited a passion for servant leadership. Two executive boards and an added-on Journalism major later, Ingrid began an internship at SimplyBe.

Unafraid to take initiative and ask for increased responsibility, Ingrid quickly became SimplyBe.’s very own firecracker. Adding value through ghostwriting, communications support, and social media management, Ingrid has her hand in every pot of the business. She has truly found her groove however, as SBA’s Tribe Manager, overseeing communications and engagement strategy for our private Facebook group.

When Ingrid isn’t busy making herself indispensable to SimplyBe. (and making the whole office laugh while she’s at it), you can find her reading up on her horoscope, keeping up with all things pop culture, or hosting a gossip circle with her friends.



"I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it."

—Tyler Kent White



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