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To reposition and accelerate the Your Inner Babe brand, and to elevate Founder, Jacq Gould, as a female entrepreneur and certified mentality coach, reaching women of all ages struggling with self-worth.


A unique and comprehensive visual re-brand including new logo, complete style guide, website refresh and revised Instagram aesthetic, along with an original content strategy, daily support of her key social channels, and a robust PR strategy to drive awareness.





Visual branding

Comprehensive rebrand inclusive of refreshed brand personality, updated logo design, full style guide, and photography. Updated visuals across all of Your Inner Babe’s platforms including Instagram and

Original content

SimplyBe. created an original, 12-episode podcast strategy and partnered with premier podcasting agency, Dante32 to launch Jacq's own show, Set That B*tch Free with Jacq Gould. In just a few short months, the podcast has garnered 40+ ratings with 4.5-star average. Listen and subscribe here.

SimplyBe. also partnered with Jacq to create bi-monthly original content on the topics of self-worth, confidence, and manifestation. Her original thought pieces expanded her digital footprint and library of resources as a certified mentality coach.

PR + THought leadership

Featured on : We’ve Got Goals Podcast

Featured on: LUX + Concord

Appeared on: From Self-Care to Self-Made

Featured in: SHEtribe

Social Media: INSTAGRAM

Over the course of 6 months of active posting, following a refreshed brand aesthetic and content strategy, @jacqgould’s followers grew 25%. She is now a highly sought-after partner of the Chicago influencer community.

Business Wins

Your Inner Babe experienced an influx of inquiry and new clients as a result of the exposure she achieved with SimplyBe.’s support. Additionally, Jacq is in the process of developing a new group coaching model to compensate for her rapid growth and facilitate conversations of self-worth and development and growth on a large scale.

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