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Create brand awareness in the transportation and technology space to attract funding, establish thought leadership, and build his company.


To create crystal clear personal brand identities and strategies for company leadership, specifically the CEO and VP of Customer Success, as well as to create an ongoing drumbeat of consistent execution on LinkedIn via longform blogs, whitepapers, daily social media posts, and exclusive, original multi-season video series that put them on international map






Refreshed visual branding in alignment with the Wi-Tronix brand to set him apart in the marketplace.

Social Media

Grew total LinkedIn Follower by 760% in less than 10 months (359 to 3000+).

Business Wins

Recognized at international industry conferences in Germany and Belgium by industry peers due to his digital presence and original content, and investors opened up conversations asking about his video series. He has received an influx of new business inquiry via his LinkedIn inMail due to enhanced activity on his profile.


The first season of Larry’s 8-episode original video series received 21,606 views, 362 likes and 52 comments, impacting 26% growth in his profile within three months.

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