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To propel Michelle’s business and personal brand forward by positioning her as the face of Mekky Media.


We implemented an editorial strategy with consistent blogging and a refreshed Instagram to effectively reach the right audience, increase Michelle’s thought leadership and credibility, and target more speaking opportunities in service of her business.




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Visual branding

Created a new logo and refreshed visual branding across web, social media, and YouTube.

Website redesign in progress.

PR + THought leadership

Our editorial strategy significantly increased Michelle’s public perception, making her recognizable to people in the Chicagoland area. She is also now a regular contributor for Forbes Agency Council.

Social Media

We grew her Instagram account from zero followers to over 5,000 in one year.

Through consistent messaging, she’s been approached by brands and influencers for partnerships and collaborations directly from her feed.

Business Wins

Our partnership with Michelle has gained her business leads by increasing her brand awareness. In 2018 she was also named a 2018 Bronze Stevie Award Winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year.


In 2018 Michelle was approached to be a keynote speaker at an event based solely off one of her thought leadership blogs.

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