Pooja Shah, Communications Manager


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Since a young age, Pooja has viewed the world as her playground: a space to learn, discover, and create. Growing up in Mombasa, Kenya and attending an international school exposed her to topics like global affairs, humanitarian rights, and cultural complexes. Pooja’s natural leadership skills led her to advocate for the It’s On Us pledge, a White House Initiative to end sexual assault on college campuses.

Pooja’s first taste of entrepreneurship came when she helped found and manage a student-run public relations agency that quickly gained the title of leading student-run agency in the nation, serving the marketing needs of the College of Liberal Arts and the voice of the student community. There, she found her love for public relations and the power of the written word.

At SimplyBe., she is responsible for all PR and client communications. She is your go-to resource to get your name in the headlines.

Outside of SimplyBe., you can find Pooja scheming for her next travel venture, dipping into a palette of vibrant oil paints, or on a rooftop patio with her girlfriends and a glass of rosé!



"The concept of Ubuntu says: A person is a person through other persons."

—Zulu Philosophy