Rea Frey, Editorial Director

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Through four nonfiction books, awards, a ghostwriting stint in Switzerland, a two-time trip to death row as a journalist, magazine writing, and personal training, Rea met Jessica.  *Cue the trumpets.*

Their work relationship weathered a successful start-up, a wild corporate stint, and took them to SimplyBe., where Rea now serves as the Editorial Director. Rea specializes in creating book proposals for top-tier CEOs, entrepreneurs, and authors to become full-fledged books.

When not working with SimplyBe., you’ll find Rea promoting her summer fiction debut, Not Her Daughter, gearing up for her next book launch, swearing, drinking too much coffee, playing with her daughter, smooching her dreamy husband, or simply finding the magic in words.



“To gain your own voice, you have to forget about having it heard.”

—Allen Ginsberg, WD



Rea's Personal Brand Hologram

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