You’ve been at this “business thing” for a minute.

Okay, maybe a decade.

(Possibly two.) 

You know in your BONES you’re the expert. Heck, you’ve got the reputation and the revenue to prove it.  

The problem’ve been, well, busy.

Making things. Growing people. Building companies.

In some way, you feel you’ve missed this whole “social media thing” and are suffering from a severe case of FOMO (that’s “fear of missing out”), confusion and/or imposter syndrome every time you open up Instagram.

But you’re done hiding in the shadows.

You’re done watching less talented, less experienced, inauthentic people get recognized for work you could do in your sleep. You’re ready to take your expertise out from behind the curtain and create a new level of impact as the fully-expressed thought leader that you are.

The Recognized Expert helps you create a-one-of-a-kind brand identity designed to cut through the cacophony and build the granular roadmap that will take you from unknown expert to recognized authority.


✓ In 4 weeks, you have defined your brand message, identified your target digital audience and where to find them, constructed a 3-month content calendar, a visual branded aesthetic (logos, colors and fonts, oh my!), your SEO ranking along with a robust analysis of your competitive landscape, and a plan on exactly how you’re going to stand out.

✓ In 6 weeks, you have an innovative content strategy centered on leveraging video, podcasting or blogging, a granular roadmap on 2-3 key social channels focused on community building, a targeted “Hit List” of the best podcasts, conferences and publications to feature you (and their contacts), a customizable PR pitch letter template, and sparkling new updated graphics, logos and personal brand designs.

✓ And in 8 weeks, you’ll have SimplyBe. Agency’s entire team of expert creatives, content developers, ghostwriters, social media managers and PR specialists managing your entire brand platform daily.