Your Brand Identity Master Kit

Your Brand Identity Master Kit


In this bundle you will receive your competitive analysis, personal brand hologram, and signature style template. Our Master Kit is IDEAL for people looking to clarify their message, find their competitive advantage in the marketplace and define a unique personal brand style.




1. Your Competitive Analysis


In a Nutshell:

Learn how to make yourself stand out in your current industry’s landscape by identifying four of your target “aspirations” and comparing your personal brand with theirs.  We walk you through our customized analysis to discover your unique personal brand positioning in the marketplace.

The Deets:

  • Define Value Proposition

  • Clarify Your Brand Aesthetic

  • Measure Your Social Footprint

  • Establish Voice + Tone

  • Craft Your Unique Offerings

  • 4 Competitor Samples

  • Worksheets

  • 20 Pages

2. Your Personal Brand Hologram


In a Nutshell:

This is SimplyBe.’s secret sauce. Our original {trademarked} framework establishes your personal brand message and positioning foundation, of which all your content, strategy, assets and offerings will stem from. This is by far one of the most valuable aspects to the SimplyBe. Methodology and the key component that sets our clients apart.

The Deets:

  • Identify Your “Why”, Your Unique Value and Your Target Audience

  • Establish Your Brand Title, or Brand Slogan

  • Define Your 4 Content Buckets

  • Define Your Core Intrinsic Value Sets

  • 4 Personal Brand Hologram Samples

  • Worksheets

3. Your Signature Style Guide


In a Nutshell:

Your style defines who you are, whether you realize it or not. The Signature Style Guide will walk you precisely how to define your unforgettable personal style (or help you leverage the one you currently have) to establish a memorable, powerful personal brand narrative, all through the power of clothing.

The Deets:

  • Define your current personal brand style

  • Map out your ideal personal brand style to create your signature statement

  • Identify aspirational styles to find your unique edge

  • Establish the consistent “story” behind your style

  • 3 Signature Style Samples

  • 4 Worksheets