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✓ We specialize and exclusively deliver personal brand identity and strategy development. This is our sauce and, TBH, our favorite part.

✓ Not a person but still want branding? We got you. We offer from-the-ground-up Branding Style Guides for any person, brand or business. Ask us about it!

✓ Need help getting your beautiful, polished, masterful personal brand out into the world? We partner with loads of filmmakers, ghost writers, web developers, social media managers, PR specialists and content creators for you.

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Your Brand Identity

The Secret Sauce

Before you start promoting yourself, you have to have a platform, a message and proper positioning. See also: an actual BRAND. This is the #1 thing most people skip, and this is why our clients ultimately stand out. We deliver your complete Brand Identity Manifesto, inclusive of The Hologram, along with your voice, values, your offering, you competitors, your audience, your brand audit, and your brand style guide.

Your Brand Strategy

The Master Plan

Now that we know what your Brand is, it’s time to build the Playbook. This includes a full marketing plan, creative direction, a digital content strategy, a social media strategy, PR & communication plan, along with content calendars and a granular three month roadmap.

Your Brand Style

The Ultimate Edge

Whether you’re a person, a business, or a product, you still need a cohesive visual identity. Our unique branding process dives deep to capture the true essence of the brand story you are trying to tell. Our Style Guide includes mood boards, logos, brand personality, font and color guides, as well visual brand samples and assets. Everything you need to effectively communicate your brand’s value, visually.