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Jessica Zweig: 


Founder + CEO


As the CEO of The SimplyBe. Agency, Jessica’s biggest passion is seeing the potential, the power, and the magnificence in other people. READ: she is able to see in you what you cannot see in yourself. Combining 10+ years in digital marketing and storytelling for Fortune 500 brands along with her undying obsession with authenticity, Jessica extracts your brilliance into brand identities, brand strategies and brand assets that not only get seen, but felt.

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Aleksa Narbutaitis: Creative Director 

Aleksa Narbutaitis is a ninja. Responsible for making brands pop to teaching the best tips and tricks for IG practices to handling all things visual, Aleksa’s business management and marketing experience are what make her SimplyBe’s incomparable Creative Director.

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Nora Shepard: Growth Manager

Nora is one of the most persistent (and curious!) people you’ll ever meet. With a surprising knack to master new skills, SBA’s Growth Manager ensures clients’ social channels keep growing (while their content sings).  

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Rea Frey: Editorial Director

As a published author and the Editorial Director for SimplyBe., Rea handles all things content. Whether it’s a blog, deck, hologram, video script, brand identity, book proposal, or pitch, Rea helps hone, shape, and craft words into stories for all of SimplyBe’s clients. Because we all have a story…

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Tyler Furlan: Film Producer

Tyler is a visionary. Passionate about filmmaking, he directs and produces commercials, documentaries, music videos, and corporate productions. Tyler loves to evoke emotions and inspire his audiences. At SBA, he helps brands come to life.

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