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Wi-Tronix boasted some of the most innovative technology solutions in the rail industry, but they were little known and lacked brand awareness. They needed to find a way to better communicate their message to investors and top talent in order to strategically scale the business.


To create crystal clear personal brand identities and marketing strategies for Wi-Tronix Founder and President and his Vice President of Customer Success. This double-pronged approach allowed us to uniquely address the different needs of the company by targeting entirely different audiences.




SimplyBe. established a futuristic brand for the President, Larry Jordan, in order to connect with stakeholders and investors. On the flip-side, we created a more human, shoulder-to-shoulder brand for VP of Customer Success, Chad Jasmin for him to connect deeply with customers. We then created an ongoing drumbeat of consistent execution by way of biweekly long form blogs, quarterly white papers, daily social media posting with a focus on LinkedIn, and original multi-season video series for each executive that put them on the international map.


Created updated visual branding for both Chad Jasmin and Larry Jordan to compliment existing company visual guidelines and expand brand reach.

Updated visual guidelines were further brought to life within Wi-Tronix’s video strategy.


Larry’s first 8-episode original video series, Driving Disruption, received 21,606 views, 362 likes and 52 comments, prompting 26% growth in his LinkedIn profile within three months.

Larry grew his total LinkedIn followers by 760% in less than 10 months.

Chad’s LinkedIn posts consistently generate high engagement. Thanks to this thought leadership, he  is now regularly approached by customer service professionals both online and offline who are seeking his opinion on various topics.

Business Wins

Chad was proactively approached to write a guest blog for SuccessHACKER (1 million UMV) due to the thought leadership posts and articles he published on LinkedIn.

The increased visibility from Larry and Chad’s presence impacted recruitment and HR initiatives for Wi-Tronix as a whole, attracting more top talent, ultimately growing the business exponentially.

SimplyBe.’s exclusive personal branding workshop, given to the greater Wi-Tronix team, cultivated improved team camaraderie and accountability, boosting the company brand and employee morale at large.


Larry was recognized at international railway industry conferences in Germany and Belgium by peers and potential stakeholders due to his strong digital presence and original content.

Larry recently shared an ad-hoc LinkedIn post on a “60-Minute” segment regarding rail safety which reached over 16,000 views, demonstrating we had captured his target niche audience.

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