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Increase the visibility of Wi-Tronix and better their communication to key players

After 50 million $$ raise, realized they had no market awareness for the brand.


To create crystal clear personal brand identities and strategies for CEO (leadership) and VP Customer Success (front lines), as well as to create ongoing drumbeat of consistent execution by way of long form blogs, whitepapers, daily social media communication, and exclusive original two-season video series that put them on international map driven primarily by their LinkedIn networks.




(DMs from talent, Thought Leader in Customer Success, PR // Success Hacker, Executive Workshop)


Chad brand combined with WT brand to communicate brand to customers


Investors and business peers approached Larry and Chad in meetings and at conferences because of videos

Business doubled in size within one year, and received DMs from top tier talent

Business Wins

Was approached to write a guest blog for Chad on SuccessHACKER (1 million UVM)

Increased visibility as a result that impacted recruitment and HR initiatives that led to 50% growth of employee base*** (let’s confirm this)

Was approached by multiple  staffing and marketing firms on proposals to support business growth.

Received at least 2 DM’s, 4 plus people engaged and commented during social event or business trip and chatted with them on some of the subjects thanks to online presence.


CEO achieved increased visibility and inbound solicitation and recognition by global investors at industry conferences around the world.

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