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Building your personal brand is great, but it’s only half the battle. To concretely establish yourself as a thought leader, you need a book. Unlike other agencies that stop at building brands, we take it to the next level. The SimplyBe. Agency offers full-service book proposals and beyond. If you have a voice, a business, a brand, or a platform, chances are you have a story to tell. But then the roadblocks begin:

✓ I’m not a writer.

✓ I don’t have time.

✓ Everyone has a book!

✓ Where would I even start?

That’s where we come in.


"If a story is in you, it has got to come out."


The publishing world has dramatically changed, but one thing has not: Having a well-written book with a major publishing house provides credibility, a built-in tool for keynotes, speeches, interviews, publicity, and business opportunities, and often creates an entirely new revenue stream. Here’s the great part: To sell a nonfiction book, you do not have to write a book (yet). You sell the book proposal—or concept—first.

Not the book itself.

As a seasoned writer who has four nonfiction books under her belt and has written over 20 successful book proposals for clients (which have resulted in agent contracts and publishing deals), you are in the right hands with established author Rea Frey.

Whether you want your book proposal handled from start to finish, have already written a book and need editing services, want help from proposal creating to writing the book and landing an agent or publisher, we are here to help you create a polished, salable product.


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If you have an idea for a book and want to craft a carefully outlined book proposal but have no idea where to start, keep reading. 

We will create a comprehensive, professional book proposal that will attract the eye of agents and acquisitions editors. A book proposal consists of the following: 

✓ an overview of your ideas
✓ an assessment of your competitors
✓ a description of your marketing or promotional platform
✓ a brief biography of you
✓ an annotated table of contents (i.e. chapter summaries)
✓ and one or two sample chapters

With this package, you're hiring a writer, an editor, a consultant, and an advocate to help you through the often lengthy and arduous process of book proposal creation. We will take an in-depth look at your book concept and create a 30-50 page proposal based on marketable concepts and your current author platform.

Based upon your book concept, we will then create a query letter to pitch to 10 appropriate literary agents. 


Once the book proposal is complete, you have to write the book. (Don’t panic.) This is where many writers—and non-writers—stall. How do you write a book if you’ve never done it? Where do you start? With the ghostwriting service, you will receive an edited, well-written book in your voice that is reflective of your personal brand.


Already written a book but don’t know if it’s any good? Let us take a look, provide editorial feedback, and help you land a literary agent.   

Copyediting is intensive, line-by-line editing done directly within an electronic copy of your manuscript. Line editing is always highly specific to accomplish anything from fixing grammar and punctuation, making a book concept more salable, positioning you as the top expert in a niche market, or creating the proper tone for your specific field. 

Once the line edit is complete, we will construct a query letter and compose a list of 10 literary agents to pitch. 


Want it all? Let us create a book proposal, write the book, edit, and help you pitch and land a book deal. 

Be a thought leader. Have something to show for it. Stop stalling. Write the book.